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সোমবার, ৮ সেপ্টেম্বর, ২০১৪

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Entertainment Desk: cirakalina attract their fans to the media world. So the media persons private events, marriage or divorce news maximize their interests. As actors in the wedding, such as tide, but for the unexpected break the news room.
For example, last year the most popular family breakdown occurred abhanetri Karim, bijari Barkatullah, malnutrition and they were the last.
Successful director-actor pair began to expect much from the marriage, Hasan Masud Karim brilliant. However, their family was very prolonged. He first spoke to the media hide. After three months it became clear that the breakdown of the family. However, because the decision is not clear, op.
Popular model-actress Mona Lisa was married on 1-1-1 myajikala phaiyajake immigrant. The distance between them is made a month after the wedding. Please take the media to work on the Mona Lisa and her family Fayyaz. Byabadhane marriage breakdown is heard making their family a year. Mona Lisa has decided recently divorcing. America is now in the divorce process must be completed.
Was married to the actress said instead love instant. But after one year, the world was created unusual issues with husband Ahana currently living separately.
Meanwhile, the United States last year, was the second marriage araphina Rumi music star. Expatriate Nagar bride. Rumi would initially cover the fish with spinach. The first wife was forced to accept that fall ananyake explained. But returning to the country at the end of October last year, a six-month tour of America, Rumi Ananya filed against violence against women. Accordingly, a number of times in jail rumike spend. Currently underway in the case. However, given the terms of the arrangement may be not much longer to go back to prison rumike.
Before parting with the music director of the actress bijari Barkatullah Shawkat Ali depression. Depression due to the involvement of women and madakaghatita bijari left his house. Finally he spent some time in prison. Meanwhile, last year married another actor intekhaba dinarake bijari.
He panicked and silent hero of the popular models, with the once bright face sarikara. But last year, after the end of the relationship to go into exile sarika media. After starring in a film together, while the sarikara Khan Amrita had heard rumors recently that mum hugged me. Are currently at anchor Nusrat Furrier love cutiye with news that the actor is floating in the air. After Nova, sarika, Amrita, media affairs with Her boyfriend got a reputation as a silent star.
The most popular model-actress hobbies and Super Hero Heroine ventricle from the competition was less about love and hold secret counsels. Despite a deep and intimate relationship with them now. Said the hobby itself.
Last year, the press-playwright-singer is parting with MS Runner Super Hero Heroine come from that interesting. At the end of the same year, the band Warfaze Vocal Mizan women go to jail. Konala singer and music director Prithviraj ties serakantha broke.
To list the name of the actress Zakia Bari mamara relationship breakdown. But the matter is still not clear. Couple, family and relationships outside of several other stars are currently at risk. So consistently well for media star family and relationship breakdown is duhsambadai.

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