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সোমবার, ৮ সেপ্টেম্বর, ২০১৪

আপনার পুরুষটি অন্য নারীর দিকে তাকালে যে সাতটি কাজ করবেন

1. Stay cool if your man does not stop someone else look at the goggle is what you can do to stop the initial reaction. That will initially hide your feelings. Take a few minutes to the next job of head cold. II. Watch your thoughts, or fierce anger of the breeding season is insecurity, it still stayed cold. Your primary job is to look at the situation. There is the option of viewing the entire situation well understood. It may be that, the whole matter is very normal. Maybe the situation is not something that you need to worry about. 3. A feeling of fear and fear into faith, the relationship is damaged. Sukhao to terminate. Fear and faith in yourself, believe in your case you can try to become. If you believe that any of the cases on both sides, then maybe it will not. 4. Consider Violence, your partner in your response to that is we look at others, but it is not violence? This means that everything your partner to look at others, but it was not the end. And so let him out of your comparison. 5. Tell your mate to tell him to be discreet, to his difficult behavior. Tell him your concerns. Tell him to be discreet. 6. Communication skills to enhance your social networking skills to cope with such a situation, there is no alternative. Improving social and communication skills to the practice. He calmly told him exactly, details of the problem. 7. Make your partner look at another woman sbamahimaya blown off and be upset. Sbamahimaya itself be blown instead. And other matters which have to be satisfied with their care, so skip. - 

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