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সোমবার, ৮ সেপ্টেম্বর, ২০১৪

চুপচাপ ছেলেদের বেশি পছন্দ করে মেয়েরা

Just like a habit for boys than girls, it's difficult to truly know. However, a new study has shown that women prefer men as silent nature. They also said that, the boys look a little shy shy to express that they can easily win the hearts of women. In stark contrast to the boys about the choice, they prefer sunny little naughty girls.
Women are seen as loyal to the sunny and age of the girls prefer guys. On the other hand, according to researcher Jessica Tracy, confidence men, and girls are more vulnerable to afford the cost of maintenance of the child. '
The impression that the boys are so proud of the girls look more like them. This study, conducted by psychologists at the University of British Columbia has Canada. Published by the American Association of ikolojikyala 'emotions' research published in the journal. This research report has been published in the 'The Hindustan Times'.
More than one thousand young women in this study has shown that the picture which illustrates the appearance of the term. The sharing is based on the images to Numbers.
Some of the poker boom that had the appearance of paintings. It can be seen, most of the girls are less attracted to men has hasikhusi. On the other hand, those heads high with pride to them, they showed the most interest. Besides hasikhusi, but their attraction to each of the boys found a serious look.

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