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সোমবার, ৮ সেপ্টেম্বর, ২০১৪

আইএস জঙ্গীর ‘স্ত্রী’ ও ‘শহীদ’ হতে চাওয়া এক তরুনীর আত্মকথা

ISO militants 'wife' and 'martyr' want to be a young first permanent exhibition in

the voice: the martyrdom of the mentality of the Islamic State of Iraq to remain in Syria dakhaladaritbe (ISO) has joined with the Scottish one young militants. He had married an ISO yoddhaka already on. Since many young militant activities aiesa the western media reports of the horror that is added to the mission. Aqsa Mahmood traveled to the name of the young Syrian border with Turkey from Glasgow last November to join her family told her that jangidale. Since then she disappeared. SMS exchange with his family occasionally. Aqsa's father Muzaffar Mahmood CNN kannabhara voice of her daughter read a SMS. Where it is written, "the Day of Resurrection I will meet with you. I'll take you by the hand you heaven," said the message indicating that the Aqsa's father said he was killed. Aqsa's mother a few weeks ago to send SMS khalida Mahmoud Both objectives, where he wrote, "Jerusalem, my dear children, you come back. I am sick I lack. You come back to you for the sake of Allah. I love you. "to study the 0-year-old Aqsa Mahmood rediographi young social media such as Twitter and Facebook are being drawn to the activities of the ISO militants. Umm Twitter laitha Aqsa named a 'fake' account was aiesa militant campaign. Account had to be deleted before the end of the status update, "If you can not do anything in the battle, but bring your own in the battle." on the issue of militancy and researchers at King's College in Scotland melaina Smith, ISO militant activities since the start of the 00's than anywhere else so far Add yourself to the activities of the horror. variety of social media accounts and the vision melaina, British women are already about 1 joined with the insurgents. alia, 013 'Jihad al-nika' or 'sexual jihad' introduced the concept of the radical Maulana Sheikh Mohammad Arefin. She urged women to serve as sex fighters. The warrior fighting against the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad as they get motivated through. Then in the name of Islam and the inhumane killing of activity on behalf of the already controversial horror ISO in June was given the jihad jihad al-nika or sex. Responding to them already, Malaysia, Australia and the Middle East are brtenasaha aiesa women from Western countries to join the mission.

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